Dwayne Gilbert sworn in as interim Spalding County sheriff

Editor’s note: Spalding County Probate Judge Dewitt Simenton on Friday issued a press release  naming Dwayne Gilbert as interim sheriff. Gilbert will serve in this capacity pending a special election that has been set for Sept. 20. Following is Simenton’s release in its entirety.


We are all saddened by the passing of our beloved Sheriff Dee Stewart.

Under Georgia Law whenever a vacancy occurs in the Office of Sheriff it becomes the duty
of the Probate Judge to appoint an Interim Sheriff.

Today I announce the appointment of Dwayne Gilbert as the Interim Sheriff.

I selected Dwayne Gilbert because of his qualifications and background in law enforcement
and government for more than 35 years. He served for 12 years as a Georgia State Trooper-
17 years as Sheriff of Spalding County-and six years as the United States Marshall for the
Middle District of Georgia.

In addition, Gilbert has served as President of the Georgia Sheriff’s Association. He has
served as a member of the Governor’s Crime Commission, and for 17 years served as
Chairman for Training for all Georgia Sheriffs.

In my opinion he certainly possesses the qualifications needed to fill this important role.

I have complete confidence that Dwayne Gilbert will serve well as our Interim Sheriff until
a Special Election is held to replace Sheriff Stewart.

In fairness to those who will run for the Sheriff’s position in the Special Election, I
appointed someone who has assured me HE WILL NOT be a candidate for Sheriff. This
will give all of those who qualify for the Special Election an equal chance at the start.

During his time as Interim Sheriff I am confident that Dwayne Gilbert will serve and protect
our citizens well.


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