Installment Three: Finding Mr. Bluebird’s Identity

CawCaw! That means “hello” in bird; Mr. Bird here, I’m taking over for Sammy today because she is not feeling very well and we had to do our investigating  from inside her house by using the computer, do any of you ever use the computer to learn about things that interest you?

I remembered that I’ve never used a computer before because you don’t see them very often in nature, sometimes the squirrels will sneak someone’s laptop into their tree but they don’t let any birds use it because squirrels aren’t very nice to birds. I’m glad I remembered that, I knew there was something funny about squirrels.

So this week, Sammy has been drinking a lot of hot tea with honey to make her feel better. I told her that I like honey but it makes my beak all sticky, I think it’s because bees aren’t nice and make their honey taste so good so people will keep eating it and get sticky all the time. Sammy laughed at that and told me that bees are good for us and the world around us, especially for fruits and vegetables and that farmers depend on their pollen.

She wasn’t feeling very well so when she went to take a nap I decided to use the computer like she showed me to look up stuff about bees. I learned that bees pollinate our food, which means that they take pollen from a flower and use it to feed other plants, like fruit and vegetable plants. I also learned that they feed, or pollinate, as much asthirty percent of our food supply here in the United States. If you think about all the people in the U.S. and how much food they eat every day then- Oh boy! That’s a lot of work for such small creatures!

In the past few years a lot of bees have disappeared, making even more work for the bees that remain because the bee keepers, or apiarists, travel from farm to farm so that all the work gets done and the farmer’s plants will all grow healthy and strong; Kind of how our food makes us grow healthy and strong!

No one really knows why the bees disappear but if you ask me there’s a bird/bee conspiracy going on, or just a lot of bees who are clumsy like me and lose their memory because they hit their head trying to reach a cherry. I guess bees aren’t as bad as I thought they were, but I still don’t like how sticky their honey makes my beak. I have to go now because I’m tired from hunt-and-peck typing but both Sammy and I will be back next week.

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