Griffin-Spalding County School System asks public for preference of breaks on 170 day school calendar for 2012-2013

Griffin, GA—Facing a budget shortfall of $6 million for the 2012-13 school year, the board of education took the first step toward meeting the deficit when it tentatively adopted a 170 day school calendar for 2012-2013, projected to lessen the shortfall by $3.1 million.

Two draft versions of the calendar were approved by the board, who now asks the public to weigh in on the choice of days school is in session. The board of education will approve a final version at its board meeting Tuesday, October 25.

In version 1, school begins on August 27 and concludes on May 24. The breaks for both students and staff are a week at Thanksgiving, two weeks at Christmas, and spring break in April. Students and some support staff would be off Columbus Day in October and Presidents’ Day in February, which are professional learning days for teachers.

In version 2, school begins on August 13 and ends May 24. Breaks for students and staff include a week-long fall break in October, Thanksgiving week, two weeks at Christmas, a week-long winter break in February and spring break in April.

Denise Burrell, Deputy Superintendent, said, “No instructional time would technically be lost with a 170 day calendar because each school day would be extended by 20 minutes in the afternoon. All employees will have ten work adjustment days, four more than most employees had this year.”

Principals were asked initially to indicate their preference of budget-friendly shortened school year calendars and were in favor of a 170 day school year because that calendar saved the system around $3.1 million in salaries and operation.


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