The Haunted Theatre on Hill Street returns


The Haunted Theatre on Hill Street returns this Halloween for its annual haunted house at a new (and ghostlier) location in downtown Griffin as they present The Asylum.

Enter the minds of the escaped mental patients from the Spalding Sanatorium after a mysterious fire burned the hospital to the ground and the patients escaped into the tunnels under the city.

In the muck of the underground, they found their sanctuary in the basement where they now thrive: Annabelle Cotton (and her quest for perfection), Maggie Lovejoy (and her homemade dolls), Doctor Andrew Cutter (and his unnecessary surgeries), Jasper and Ezekiel Rhymes (and their taste for human flesh), and many more.

Those fearless enough to visit Griffin’s largest haunted house are invited to come to Studio D, 111 North Hill Street, on Friday, October 21st & Saturday, October 22nd AND Friday, October 28th and Saturday, October 29th.

“The Haunted Theatre” welcomes an assortment of scary innocents. The new venue is guaranteed to “scare the pants off” the naive ones who dare to walk through this deserted, haunted place.

All tickets are $5.00 per soul. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

The Haunted Theatre on Hill Street is located in historic downtown Griffin in the underground vaults of Studio D, between Taylor Street and Slayton Alley.

For more information on this year’s haunted house visit


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