Beam elected Spalding County sheriff

Maj. Wendell Beam will soon have a new title – Spalding County sheriff – as he has been declared the unofficial winner of the Tuesday runoff against Capt. Keith Duncan.

Beam received a resounding 67.03 percent of the votes cast, or 4,644, to Duncan’s 2,284.

A mere 21.22 percent of registered voters cast a ballot in the runoff.

According to Spalding County Election Supervisor Terry Colling, she will continue to certify some ballots cast, a process that may take up to three days.

“We’ll have to see what kind of provisional ballots we have. Those are ballots that people who, for whatever reason, couldn’t vote on our voting machines,” she said.

Some causes for a provisional ballot being cast may include a prospective voter’s name not appearing on the list of registered voters or the lack of mandatory identification.

“We have the next three days to sort those out,” Colling continued. “But I can go ahead and send his (Beam’s) information to the Secretary of State’s office tomorrow, and then it’s in their hands as to when they get everything to Judge (Dewitt) Simonton.”

She then said that as soon as Simonton receives the required final certification from the state, Beam’s swearing in may be scheduled.


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