Inmate still not caught, escaped this morning near Carver Road

Sheila Marshall, Staff Writer


Law enforcement officials are currently seeking to apprehend 29-year-old former Winder resident Roley Gabriel Faubion, an inmate of the Spalding County Correctional Institution who escaped from a work detail Tuesday morning.

Faubion was a member of a work crew assigned to clear a field behind the Spalding County Fire Department headquarters located on Carver Road.

According to Deputy Warden Mike McPherson, Faubion’s escape was not witnessed by the guard assigned to his work crew.

“The officer had a visual on him at 11:45 a.m. Approximately 10 or 15 minutes later, he looked for him and he was gone,” McPherson said.

The deputy warden said he could not substantiate reports that Faubion had prearranged his escape with the use of a cell phone in the inmate’s possession, initially saying, “We have no knowledge of that.”

However, upon being questioned with regard to the involvement of the United States Marshal Service, which was seeking Faubion’s cell phone number as a possible means of locating the escapee, McPherson then said, “They’re pinging a number from Griffin, but they don’t know if it’s his or not. Someone called his girlfriend, but they don’t know if it was him or not. That’s all speculation at this point.”

McPherson said Faubion, a felon, was being incarcerated on numerous charges including  sale and distribution of marijuana, obstruction of a law enforcement officer and theft of a motor vehicle.
“It’s a variety of charges,” he said.

When asked if Faubion has ever been convicted of a violent crime, the deputy warden acknowledged he does have a conviction for “terroristic threats and actions.”

A search of the state Department of Corrections Web site, however, does not list any drug-related charges. Rather, it states Faubion previously served time from July 19, 2005 until Jan. 20, 2006, for four counts of second degree forgery.

Faubion’s current sentences include convictions on one count of battery, Family Violence Act; two counts of false imprisonment; one count of terroristic threats and actions; three counts of burglary; one count of theft of a motor vehicle or parts; and four counts of theft by receiving.

McPherson said he is uncertain if the girlfriend who received the phone call from Griffin being investigated is the same person involved in Faubion’s prior incidents of family violence.

The Grip will be updating this story as it unfolds. 



  1. He just wanted to go get some Big Jim’s wings….

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