Escaped SCCI inmate apprehended

According to Spalding County Sheriff Wendell Beam, Roley Gabriel Faubion, an inmate of the Spalding County Correctional Institute who escaped from an Oct. 18 work detail, has been apprehended.

Faubion had been part of a crew cutting the grass in a field behind the Spalding County Fire Department’s Carver Road headquarters when guards noted he was missing, which resulted in a lockdown of area schools and what Capt. Tony Ranieri, of the SCSO Criminal Investigation Division, referred to as a “massive manhunt.”

After Sheriff’s Office personnel called off their manhunt, the United States Marshal Service became involved in the investigation.

Assisted by SCSO investigators, marshals learned a woman had allegedly assisted in Faubion’s escape, with Beam saying she drove him to a North Carolina hotel.

After marshals located the hotel, it was learned Faubion had returned to a location in Cobb County.

While in Cobb County, officials say Faubion ordered a pizza and when it was delivered, the inmate allegedly stole the driver’s vehicle.

Marshals then located the vehicle and apprehended Faubion, Beam said.

Beam said Faubion was originally serving sentences on drug-related charges, theft by receiving stolen property, false imprisonment, terroristic threats and acts and family violence, and now faces additional charges in Spalding and Cobb counties, and will be incarcerated in the Jackson Diagnostic Center for the remainder of his imprisonment.

Beam said the investigation in the inmate’s escape is ongoing and additional arrests are anticipated.


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