Man electrocuted while reportedly trying to steal copper

The Spalding County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating what appears to be an accidental death of Dennis Martin Williams 46 years old of Griffin which occurred on Saturday morning 24 December 2011. According to Sheriff Wendell Beam officers were notified by family members of Williams that he had been missing for about 2 days and they were concerned.  Soon after the report was taken another family member came forward and reported that he may know the whereabouts of Williams.

According to the family member Williams had been stealing cooper wiring from the roof area of the old Dundee Mills located on Chestnut Street.  According to Sheriff Beam officer’s went to the location at the mill and discovered the body of Williams on the roof in an area where power lines leading from the street to the building were located.

Fire Department personnel and EMS were responded to the scene to assist investigators getting on the roof to begin the investigation.  Sheriff Beam stated that all indications from the reconstruction of the scene showed that Williams struck the power line which still carried a very high voltage, while trying to remove cooper wiring from the same area.

Sheriff Beam stated that the investigation continues and that Williams had been sent to the Georgia State Crime Lab for an autopsy, that information from the autopsy will provide more information pertaining to the investigation.


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