County to Implement Automated Telephone Attendant System


staff reports
Earlier this year the Board of Commissioners approved several cost reduction measures to offset revenue shortfalls in Fiscal Year 2012. One of the cost reduction initiatives was to transition to an automated telephone attendant system at the Courthouse.

Over the past few weeks, the auto attendant system has undergone several rounds of testing. The system will automatically answer incoming calls with a recorded greeting before transferring them to user-selected destinations. The main number for the Auto Attendant is 770-467-4200. Several years earlier the County implemented a phone system where each department had a direct line or lines to their departments and those numbers will not change. Callers will still be able to reach any county department through those direct dial numbers and only callers who use the 770-467-4200 number will be greeted by the auto attendant.

Another phase of this cost reduction measure is the discontinuation of 770-227-9406 for non-emergency access to the Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff Wendell Beam and his staff ask callers to dial 770-467-4282 to reach any offices inside the Sheriff’s Department for non- emergency calls. Once dialers call 770-467-4282 they will reach the receptionists and be forwarded to the appropriate party. Anyone wishing to place an emergency call should dial 911 for immediate assistance.

The final phase of this cost reduction measure is the discontinuation of 770-228-9900 for access to the Courthouse. This telephone number has not been published for many years and is replaced by 770-467-4200.

Disconnection of both 770-227-9406 and 770-228-9900 is scheduled for January 31, 2012 to allow appropriate time for callers to adjust to the new numbers.

Callers are encouraged to use the directory listed below to access offices directly and bypass the auto attendant. For a more complete directory listing, please visit our website at

For additional information please contact County Manager William Wilson at 770-467- 4232.



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