A letter from the school system, on the day of SPLOST referendum

What do the numbers 345 and 2,585 mean for us right now, right here?
By Anna Burns, Director of School & community Services

 Three hundred and forty-five is the number of employees who have already given their opinions about the school system since a survey was launched 24 hours ago.

Two thousand, five hundred and eighty-five is the number of Spalding County voters who voted early before the election polls opened today, March 6.

In both settings, individuals are sharing their opinions by electronically checking boxes.

Are you one of those who may not vote because you think no one listens or makes changes?

Let me give you an example of how our department is using data you give us.

Recently during mid-winter break, principals, assistant principals and central office staff met all day in the learning center. The morning’s topic was SACS required actions. One of the afternoon topics was the school system’s annual review and needs assessment for teaching and learning; administrative services and school and community services. After short presentations, participants were asked to make suggestions for improvement and inclusion in each area.

The feedback we received that day for School & Community Services has already helped set the direction for 2012-13. Here’s how:

  • We shared we struggled with implementing Gold Stars to recognize students.
    • Feedback said: find a new way to recognize students; involve students in communicating.
  • We shared we struggled with quality grant applications.
    • Feedback said: offer grant writing classes.
  • We shared information about the current employee recognition programs.
    • Feedback said: We need a classified employee of the year.

Guess what?

Already we have incorporated these ideas into our strategies for next year.

  • 10 workshops and webinars are potentially in the works with one of the topics as grant-writing.
  • Employee of the Week names published in the Communicator are a ready pool of applicants for Classified Employee of the Year.
  • We are getting a focus group together to decide how to recognize students on a district level.

Your voice truly matters. You do influence others.
Please vote at the election polls today and on line through your email. 
Polls are open until 7:00 pm, and the school system climate survey will be open until March 16.


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