E-SPLOST and county Sunday sales pass

Unofficial results of the Spalding County Presidential Preference Primary show narrow margins in favor of the education special purpose local option sales tax (E-SPLOST) and Sunday package, beer and wine sales in Spalding County.

Voter turnout was just over 26 percent, with 8,843 ballots cast:
E-SPLOST passed with 4,929 votes (56.6%)
Sunday package sales of beer/wine passed with 4,640 votes (53.1%)
Sunday package sales of liquor passed with 4,430 votes (51.2%)
Redistricting maps  passed with 5922 votes (69.7%)

Newt Gingrich received 57.1 percent (4362 votes) of the votes in Spalding County, with Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum as runners up, both at just over 17 percent (just over 1300 votes). Ron Paul was next in line with almost seven percent (516 votes) of Spalding County’s votes.

Michelle Bachman received 11 votes; Jon Huntsman 14 votes; Gary Johnson 6 votes; Rick Perry 21 votes; and Buddy Roemer 5 votes.

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