Warrant amnesty program begins Feb. 11

By Sheila A. Marshall

Managing Editor

Griffin Municipal Court will once again be offering amnesty for unpaid failure to appear in court warrants from Feb. 11 through April 29.

Capt. Dwayne Jones, of the Griffin Police Department, explained that this will provide an opportunity for individuals to resolve their original legal issue without being required to pay the additional court fees assessed when a defendant fails to appear for their hearing.

He said this is an annual program designed to help those who may be struggling financially.

“We realize folks are facing tough financial times with the economy the way it is,” he said. “We know folks sometimes struggle to put food on the table and pay their bills.”

The amnesty period will allow the resolution of obligations to the court by paying only the fine for their original charge.

As an example, Jones hypothetically cited a driver who receives a speeding ticket. He said the individual may originally have faced a fine of $87, but if they, for whatever reason, failed to appear before the judge on their appointed court date, an additional $200 fine would be imposed.

“This can significantly reduce their financial obligation,” he said. “During this amnesty period, we will forgive the failure to appear fine.”

Warrants for violation of probation will be discussed on an individual basis, he added.

Payment may be made at the Griffin Police Department, 868 W. Poplar St., in the form of cash, certified check and credit or debit card. A service fee will be applied with the use of the latter.

For additional information call 770-229-6450.

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