Griffin lowers yard waste fees


The City of Griffin officially partners with Dependable Waste Services today for yard waste pick-up.

With this change, the city lowered service costs from $7.35 to $6.15 per month.  Along with lowered cost, this partnership ensures regular, bi-weekly service. This change will be reflected on customer bills after the beginning of November.

Excess rain and a shortage of staff led to delayed yard waste collection this past summer.  As part of the new agreement, Dependable Waste Services guarantees pick-up every 2 weeks, on the same day of the week as garbage collection.  To organize this, each day was divided into even weeks and odd weeks.  For example, if a house is in a Monday Even zone, yard waste will be picked up on the second and fourth Mondays of that month.  Central Services Director Phil Francis notes that while no city ordinances were changed with the approval of the contract, existing ordinances will be better enforced.

Francis explains, “City ordinance states that the city will pick up yard waste no greater than 4x4x2 which is about the size of the back of a pick-up truck.  Dependable [Waste Services] won’t pick up piles larger than that on their routes.  They won’t pick up yard waste mixed with garbage.  For larger piles, customers will have to request special handling.”  An additional charge is added to bills for special handling based upon the size of the pile.  Alternatively, customers can deposit large piles at the Transfer Station at 1515 Industrial Drive or the Shoal Creek Landfill off of Highway 16 free of charge with the presentation of a utility bill and their driver’s license.  Customers having issues with service or requesting special handling should contact the city’s Central Services Department at 770-229-6421.

Francis notes, “The bottom line is that we are saving money and giving [the customers] the service they pay for.” Dependable Waste Services owner Jesse Anthony added, “We’re looking forward to working with the City of Griffin, and we’ll do everything in our power to make this transition smooth as possible.”

The city commissioners unanimously approved the contract earlier this month at the Oct. 8 meeting.


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