Spalding Regional Hospital ER now accepts appointments

Spalding Regional Hospital (SRH) re-opened its grandly renovated emergency room this past January, and in August added ER Express services, allowing patients to schedule appointments online for emergency room visits.

Through ER Express, patients with non-life threatening illnesses can reserve a time online to be treated at the Emergency Room. Patients can go to to use the site’s online reservation system, or simply visit Spalding Regional’s web homepage and click on the ER Express button. A confirmation email will then be sent to the patient, who can remain in the comfort of their own home and arrive at the reserved time. This reservation system is provided free to all patients.

“There are situations where patients with non-life threatening illnesses need treatment in the Emergency Room, especially when their regular doctor’s office is closed” said Amy Pitts, Director of the Emergency Room. “ER Express can help us streamline admissions in the ER so all patients may be treated more quickly. However, patients with major injuries and traumas should always go directly to the emergency room without delay, or call 911.”

This is the latest addition Spalding Regional has made to its emergency services for Spalding and surrounding counties. The entirely new emergency department is double the size of the previous facility, with 32 new patient treatment rooms and an additional sub-waiting area with four additional treatment rooms, as well as some of the latest technologies and enhanced comfort for both patients an family members.


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