Empowering Griffin’s young women with ‘Girls T.A.L.K.’


Dawn Tyus, a local certified personal coach, began the quest to launch a girls empowerment program after working with a group of young ladies who were struggling with understanding their position in life and feeling unworthy to succeed during the summer of 2012.

Seeing the need for improving the confidence and self worth of these young ladies, Dawn founded Girls T.A.L.K., which stands for Girls who are Talented, Ambitious Leaders who are Kind, because of her belief in the importance for people to believe in themselves in order to thrive and live a holistic life.  The vision and mission of her organization is to ensure every girl recognizes her worth, and discovers that she is beautiful from the inside out.

She officially launched The Girls T.A.L.K  Mentoring program at her first event, The DREAM, CELEBRATE, and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE Empowerment Symposium held on July 28, 2013. Young ladies ages 11-18 were invited to attend. This symposium inspired and motivated these young ladies to “Dream, Celebrate, and Live their Best Life.” The keynote speaker was Tyus’s sister and Griffin native, Tina Tyus-Shaw.

Shaw graduated from Tennessee State University with a B.S in Speech, Communication and Theater, and is a News Anchor for WSAV in Savannah, Georgia, where she has been employed for 20 years. Shaw advised the girls that “They weren’t born to fit in, but stand out.”  Tyus continually reminded the girls, “Great minds rise above adverse situations, and keep pushing through disappointments and failure to achieve dreams.” She plans on continuing the spirit of empowerment for young girls in the Griffin community, through a mentoring program, webinars, and workshops.

During the month of October, the GIRLS T.AL.K Mentoring Program and the Spalding County Parks and Recreation Department have been collaborating to host “It’s A Girl’s Thang” Mentoring Month.  Each Saturday, Dawn Tyus has facilitated activities and workshops designed to increase self-esteem, healthy relationships, self-respect, confidence, effective communication, and leadership development, from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. at the Fairmont Community Center, located at 241 Blanton Avenue in Griffin.

More events are planned for the fall, including new member mentoring registration November 1-30, a community yard sale on November 16 at 143 Coach Drive in Griffin, as well as a community service program collecting toys for needy families during the Christmas season.

If you are interested in becoming mentor or suggesting a mentee; donating to the organization or volunteering, please contact Dawn at 404-692-1197 or dawntyus@gmail.com. Ω


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