Low voter turnout in Tuesday’s city election; Morrow, McLemore reelected and McCord takes Beyah’s seat


Voter turnout for Tuesday’s city of Griffin Board of Commissioner’s races was very low, with only 21 percent of registered voters turning out to cast ballots. The result the three races was the reelection of two incumbents – Dick Morrow and Ryan McLemore – and the defeat of a third, Shaheer Beyah, by Rodney McCord.

The District 3 race, which pitted incumbent Ryan McLemore against Holly Murray, saw a total of 769 votes cast, with 425, or 53.9 percent, in favor of McLemore. Murray came in with 46.61 percent, or 371 votes.

In District 5, Morrow was handily reelected by a margin of 61.18 percent over 38.16 percent. Morrow received 186 votes, while his opponent, Cindy Mangham garnered 116.

District 6 was the closest race of the day, with McCord taking the seat held by Beyah by only 11 votes. In that race, only 185 votes were cast altogether. McCord came in with 52.97 percent, or 98 votes, to Beyah’s 87. McCord previously held the District 6 seat until being defeated by Beyah in 2009. That election was hotly contested, with absentee ballots determining the winner.

For the three Board of Commissioner seats, only 1,286 votes were cast from 6.094 registered voters. Individual precinct turnout ranged from a low of .34 percent at Second Baptist Church, where only one voter out of 294 registered, participated in the election, to a high of 36 percent at the Memorial Drive precinct, where 293 of 813 registered voters cast ballots.

According to Spalding County Elections Registrar Terry Colling, there was also not a great turnout for early voting.

“We had just under 500 early voters and had 51 requests for absentee ballots, but not everyone returned those to us,” Colling said. “Only 35 of those returned the absentee ballots to us.”

Results of the election remain unofficial until certified by the Secretary of State’s office.

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