Local architect firm selected for school SPLOST projects


The Griffin architectural firm of Manley Spangler Smith will soon begin design services on projects funded by the Griffin-Spalding County School System SPLOST IV.  Construction work would begin next summer.

“Manley Spangler Smith is a prominent architect in Georgia for school design,” said Bruce Ballard, Construction & Facilities Director for Griffin-Spalding County School System.

“This firm has provided prior design and planning efforts associated with the required five-year facility plan that was used to determine the prioritized needs of the SPLOST IV projects,” he added.

Since these architects have either designed the buildings involved in the renovations or provided designs for past renovations they are able to offer a reduced price for all services.

Projects set for planning include renovations, new classrooms, toilet battery addition at Futral Road Elementary;  renovations, new roof, and courtyard enclosures at Jackson Road Elementary;

  •  renovations, new HVAC for gym, and classroom addition at Cowan Road Elementary; and various renovations at Orrs, Atkinson, Anne Street, Crescent and administrative buildings.

“We continue to appreciate our community’s support through SPLOST,” said Curtis L. Jones, Jr., superintendent of schools.  “The children of our community deserve a school facility that is up-to-date and effective for instruction in the 21st Century.”

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