Local non-profit organizations need your help

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to become more involved with the community or to give back more often, here are a few local organizations that could use your help.

The Caring House Women’s Resource Center:
Mission: Created 28 years ago to serve local women who are in an unplanned and/or unwanted (crisis) pregnancy.
Greatest need: Volunteers; specifically someone to clean, a receptionist and women who are willing to be trained to be counselors/mentors.  Open 15 hours per week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, volunteers are free to name their own hours.  Baby items such food, diapers, and clothing are also needed. New board members are needed, specifically with fund raising experience and drive.  All personnel must be Pro-Life and subscribe to an “abstinence only” philosophy on the subject of birth control.
Contact information: John P. Devlin, Chairman of the Board; 127 N. 13th St. Griffin; 770 229-4474


Christian Women’s Center:
Mission:  To provide extended shelter to women and their children and to help women be made whole emotionally, physically and spiritually through the love of Christ. CWC provides housing, food, clothing, 24/7 staff, documentation fees, contracted counseling by certified addiction and trauma specialists, transportation, Biblical studies, life skills training, and parenting classes, and partners with other agencies and groups to provide recovery, health care, mental health care, and career readiness.
Greatest need: Study Bibles, Kroger and Wal-mart cards (used for fuel and medication); Christian music CDs and DVDs; personal CD players with ear buds, paper towels and toilet paper, garbage bags, liquid soap, laundry supplies, foil, gallon baggies, plastic wrap, and monetary donations. These things can be dropped off at 174 School Road in Sunny Side Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. or call 770-227-3700 to schedule after hours or weekend drop off.  Donations are also needed for the CWC Thrift Shop and Boutique of clothing, household items, sporting goods, electronics, appliances, shoes, furniture, books, accessories, and any misc. items. The Thrift Store serves as a major fundraiser for the residential facility in Sunny Side and the Boutique is the Vocational Rehabilitation component of the Resident Training Program. These donations can be made at the CWC Thrift Store located at 1418 Hwy. 16 West in Griffin.
Contact information: Stephanie Summers, Executive Director; cwcga.org; 770-227-3700.


Humbly Serving Ministries:
Mission: To help families in need, including disaster victims and families in need due to financial hardships. Resources available include a clothes pantry, food pantry and assistance paying rent and utilities if the funds are available.
Greatest need: Monetary donations, volunteers, space heaters, food, household items, clothes, shoes and furniture. These items are used to help families in need. Items are not sold, but given to families in need.
Contact information: Faye Harmon, Founder and Director; 678-544-7147; 7791 Hwy.19 South, Zebulon.


Manna from Above:
Mission: A homeless ministry that began in September of 2013 that strives to clothe, feed, pray and talk with families that are in need or families that live on the streets. Plans for a shelter and cafe are in the near future.
Greatest need: Donations of food, clothing, blankets, jackets, hats, shoes and money are needed.  A festival/fundraiser will be held on April 12.  Volunteers and donations of bounce houses, concession stands, hot dogs, chips, or anything that would be beneficial to the community are needed.
Contact information: Jennifer Deal, Co-founder; 678-6113-8069; drop off locations for donation items are located at Mr. Nobody’s on Taylor Street and General Storage on Hwy 16 in Griffin.


Southern Crescent Canine Rescue
Mission: Rescue dogs only from local animal controls, vet them, and place them in adoptive homes.  Over 80 dogs were rescued and placed in 2013.
Greatest need: Dog houses, dog kennels, food (adult and puppy), sponsorships for vetting on individual dogs (virtual adoption), collars, leashes, towels, blankets, cleaning supplies (bleach), and monetary donations are needed for vet bills. Volunteers for weekly meet & greets at Petco in Peachtree City are needed as well.
Contact information: Sandra Bray, President; southerncrescentcaninerescue.com, Facebook: Southern Crescent Canine Rescue.


Spalding County Ferst Foundation:
Mission: Provides free, age appropriate books to Spalding County children ages birth to 5.  In just the first year, SCFF provided books to 620 children for a total of 4,466 books.  Next year, they hope to send books to 1,200 children.
Greatest need: Sponsorship donations at a cost of $28 per child and volunteers to help with a June fundraiser, getting more children registered, regularly reading to children at daycares, and bringing awareness to Spalding County of the SCFF mission.
Contact information: Louisa Melton; spaldingcountyferstfoundation.org; Facebook: SpaldingCountyFerstFoundation.


Spalding Samaritans:
Mission: A non-profit, faith-based that provides emergency utility assistance, education, and referral services to Spalding County residents.
Greatest need: Volunteers to help with intake on the first and third Tuesdays of each month, 1-2 p.m., in the Community Room at the back of the Hope Health Clinic.  On-the-job training for new volunteers is provided by matching them with seasoned volunteers until they are comfortable interviewing our clients on their own.
Contact information: Brian McCartney, Board Chair; http://www.spaldingsamaritans.org; Facebook: spaldingsamaritans. Ω

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