Two Griffin men shot in separate Sunday night incidents


The Griffin Police Department and Spalding County Sheriff’s Office are each investigating separate shootings that took place late Sunday and early Monday.

The first shooting, reported at approximately 10:20 p.m., occurred within the city limits, in the vicinity of 1318 Spellman Ave., resulting in the serious injury on one pedestrian, 26-year-old Darcy Malone.

Malone was discovered lying in the roadway with a single gunshot wound to the abdomen.

According to the report of Patrolman Kaylen Krueger, the initial responding officer, contact was made at the scene with Waymond Malone, the victim’s brother.

She reported Waymond Malone reported having received a phone call from the victim stating he had been shot and asking for help. Waymond Malone also stated his brother was en route from his Spalding Heights apartment to a Super Bowl part on Talledega Avenue when he was shot.

“Darcy had a cell phone and a red bandana on his person,” Krueger reported.

Griffin Police Department Public Information Officer Lt. Mike Richardson said little is known about the incident.

“All we know is that it was a drive-by shooting, but no vehicle was identified,” Richardson said, adding that a red car, red SUV and green car were cited as having been seen in the immediate area around the time the shooting took place. “No one could say those vehicles described were directly involved in the shooting; they were just seen in the area at the time.”

Lead investigator Sgt. Karen Yancey said witnesses said multiple shots were fired.

“They were inside the house and heard three shots,” Yancey said. “But no one actually saw anyone shoot from a vehicle, so we don’t know if those vehicles were involved or if the shooter was on foot.”

Upon the arrival of Emergency Medical Services, Darcy Malone was conscious. He was subsequently transported via helicopter to Atlanta Medical Center in Atlanta.

“He (Darcy Malone) did have surgery as of 4 a.m. this morning (Monday) at Atlanta Medical Center,” Richardson said.

His post-operative condition was unknown.

The second shooting occurred only a few hours later at approximately 2:30 a.m.

This shooting occurred in the county on the property of Spalding Heights Apartments located at 615 Northside Drive.

The second shooting occurred approximately two blocks from the first Sunday night drive-by shooting.

The as-of-yet unidentified male shooting victim was transported to the trauma unit of Grady Memorial Hospital for treatment.

SCSO officials say they have not yet determined if this shooting was a drive-by or walk-by incident.

Investigators of the Griffin Police Department and Spalding County Sheriff’s Office have confirmed that .45 caliber casings were recovered at both shooting scenes.

According to one county official, these incidents mark the seventh drive-by or walk-by shooting within the Griffin city limits and the second within Spalding County since Dec. 13.



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