GPD makes arrest in 20-year-old cold case double homicide


Officials of the Griffin Police Department and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation have announced  the arrest of Larry Stanford in connection to the 1994 stabbing deaths of his wife, 28-year-old Peggy Stanford and 36-year-old Phillip Leaks.

Larry Stanford’s arrest in the 20-year-old cold case resulted from new information that came to light in 2013.

The Grip will update this post with the full story later today.



  1. cherie aaron says:

    im glad somebody got justice for the murder of their love one i have been waiting since dec 30 1986 for someone in law inforcement to do their job or should i say to really care about their job and are not there to collect a paycheck i see everyday where cold cases are solved by dna and cops that really care that two women were brutley murdered and no one cares only the family were interagated over and over they put blinders on and finalle just quit well those two murder victims were my mother and oldest sister and even now if we inqure about the case we the family are harassed again i suffer from PTSD i dont have the money to hire PIs but i shouldnt have to i hope the right thing is done and someone that really cares PLEASE TAKES ANONTHER LOOK HOW WOULD THEY FEEL IF THIS WAS THEIR MOTHER ANDSISTER WHO WERE FORGOTTEN AND THROWN AWAY LIKE TRASH

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