Ace your interview

GALE BROWN SANDLER, GRIFFIN RESUME SERVICE ::: There are many types of questions you will get in an interview situation and you need to be prepared for them by rehearsing your answers.

You can find many of the top questions you might be asked online, but let’s talk about a few common interview questions and some ideas on how to answer them.

Tell me about your experience in your last job?

What your prospective boss is looking for is what value you can bring to this role by providing specific examples that resulted in successful outcomes. Discuss problems you had that you overcame and how you did it. Do this in ways that lets them know you

are a problem-solver and would be a helpful person to have at their company.

What was your best professional accomplishment to date?

By doing your homework and having a thorough understanding of the job description, you can prepare an answer that demonstrates things you have done that might relate to the new role for which you are interviewing. You don’t just want to answer these questions, but do so in a way that demonstrates how you are capable of contributing to a

new role you might be offered. Wherever you can, quantify your answer for example, increased production 25 percent, increased sales volume 20 percent over last year, resolved safety issues decreasing accidents in our production lines by 15 percent year-to-date.

How would people you worked with describe you?

The interviewer wants to determine how well you work with others as well as your ability to manage relationships with your co-workers, managers and people who report to you. Think of examples of situations you have encountered that show how you have worked with people in a variety of positions and how you get along with them.

What is your greatest weakness?

Yes, this dreaded question usually comes up. Be honest but strategic in answering this question without taking yourself out of the running. Answering this question can help

you show the interviewer that you are thoughtful and proactive about your strengths and weaknesses. Most important, the interviewer wants to know what you have done to correct those weaknesses.

Why are you the best person for this job?

What the interviewer wants to know is what sets you apart from other candidates. Here’s your chance to promote yourself. Don’t feel like you are bragging, but use your unique strengths to pitch yourself in a way that talks about your skill set and the qualities that

you can bring to the role they have available.

By thoroughly reviewing the job description for which you are being interviewed, writing these questions out in advance and coming up with several bullet points that answer them, you can be so much more confident during the interviewing process. Don’t just try to wing it. Really prepare for your interview in advance so you’ll be ready to ace it.

Gale Brown Sandler, Founder

Griffin Resume Service

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