Keep calm and eat bacon

DUSTY TAKLE ::: In England, tea is the answer to all life’s woes. In my world, it’s bacon, but when bacon isn’t available, I have to make a choice to be calm.

I have to choose calmness. I have to choose peace. We can choose to be calm at any given moment. We have trained ourselves to respond to stressful or problematic situations with anxiety and fear, so we have to retrain and recondition ourselves to respond with a calm spirit.

It’s really our choice. Our minds can run wild. Our words can be all over the place. We discipline our bodies, but not our minds because we’ve been conditioned to think God is going to do it for us.

The key in reconditioning and disciplining our mind to choose calmness is replacement thinking. I replace those stress and anxiety-filled thoughts with thoughts that strengthen me. Any other kind of thought weakens me.

When layers upon layers of negative thinking pile up within you, you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, teetering on the proverbial edge. That’s because negativity always implodes. It is designed that way. And, whatever we think about, we give energy and power to.

Why is it some say they can’t feel God during difficult times?

In “There’s A Spiritual Solution To Every Problem,” Wayne Dyer writes, “God cannot express God’s self in you when you are not at peace.” That’s why the scripture says, “Be still and know that I am

God.” (Psalm 46:10)

We have to replace every single thought that weakens us with thoughts that strengthen us. This is true in the little things and the big things. I found myself recently wanting to wish away these next couple of months with our family’s intense schedule. From baseball practices and games to school plays, piano lessons, horse riding lessons, homework, the laundry that sits unfolded in the basket for a week, scheduled meetings, unscheduled meetings, to my three-year old peeing on the kitchen floor while I’m talking to a heating and air company about my air conditioner blowing hot air, I could get overwhelmed and wish to blink my eyes, skip to summer, totally miss life, and be miserable in my self-pity of a busy season. So, I have to replace those thoughts of stress.

A good friend of mine recently reminded me that this is the season in my family where we all do life together. One day, we won’t, but right now, we get to.

Instead of wallowing in the season, I choose calmness by repeating to myself, “This is when we all get to do life together.” Then I’m strengthened. And that three year old? He won’t always pee on my kitchen floor. Can we just all agree together and say Amen on that?

We won’t always think the right thoughts, but, we ALWAYS have an opportunity to replace them.

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