School Board will meet to review DeVoursneys’ resignations


The Griffin-Spalding County Board of Education will on April 10 meet to consider the resignation of Coach Steve DeVoursney, effective at the end of the current school year.
An investigation began in October 2013 after allegations of an issue from the 2010-11 school year. The investigation began with the school system hiring a well-qualified outside investigator. An outsider was used since the complaint also alleged that Central Office had been unresponsive to the complaint.
GSCS Attorney Tim Shepherd followed up on the investigation and cleared Central Office.
In late March, the school board asked the superintendent to complete the investigation, which was done this week.
“As a result of the investigation, I have asked our Teaching and Learning Department to review the protocols to ensure academic integrity for all our students,” said Superintendent Dr. Curtis Jones. “In addition, we will work with Griffin High School to support their programs.”
GSCS has reported findings to the Professional Standards Commission (PSC) that monitors teacher ethics.
When a complaint or allegation comes to the school district’s attention, several steps are in place to assure quick action and fairness to all parties involved. They are:
Step 1 – Hear the complaint.
Step 2 – Talk with affected parties, witnesses and any others as deemed appropriate.
Step 3 – Balance that information with the legal aspects through the school system attorney.
Step 4 – Determine whether action is required and what is appropriate.
Step 5 – Implement the action.
“It is always hurtful and upsetting to hear allegations about our school system employees,” Jones said. “However, we all have an ethical and moral obligation to our students and community to investigate complaints to ensure that Griffin-Spalding students receive the best education possible.”


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