Man accused of shooting, killing GPD officer condition updated


Michael Bowman, the Griffin man accused of shooting and killing Griffin Police Department Kevin Jordan, is reportedly in critical and unstable condition.
Authorities say Bowman fired multiple shots that struck Jordan in the back as the officer attempted to arrest a female friend, Chantell Mixon.
Bowman, Mixon and a third man, Tyler Taylor, were involved in a disturbance at the Waffle House located on North Expressway when Jordan, who was working a security detail, removed them from the restaurant. Once in the parking lot, Mixon became increasingly belligerent and resisted arrest. Bowman then allegedly shot Jordan in the back.
Jordan’s brother, who was visiting the officer at the time of the incident, returned fire in defense of his brother, striking Bowman. A civilian witness kicked Bowman’s weapon away and used the officer’s radio to call out, “Officer down.”
Backup, which was already en route, arrived less than one minute later. Jordan was transported to Spalding Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.
Bowman was transported to Spalding Regional and later, to Atlanta Medical Center.
According to GPD Lt. Mike Richardson, the alleged killers two friends are also in police custody.
“Mixon and Tyler Taylor were both detained, but I don’t know what their actual charges will be. The GBI is in charge of the investigation,” Richardson said. “They are at the Spalding County Jail right now pending charges from the GBI.”


  1. Jordan’s brother is not being charged…

  2. Stupid question but why is Jordan’s brother being charged when he had a permit to carry and he was defending the situation. Is it formality?

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