Suspected killer of GPD Officer Kevin Jordan and two others charged


Officials with the Griffin Police Department have announced that charges have been filed in the murder of Officer Kevin Jordan.
According to Lt. Mike Richardson, the GBI has determined the alleged shooter, Michael Bowman, of Griffin, will be charged with felony murder.
Chantell Mixon, the female suspect Jordan was attempting to place in custody at the time he was attacked, will be charged with felony murder and felony obstruction of a law enforcement officer.
Tyler Taylor, who was with Bowman and Mixon at the Waffle House when the murder occurred, will be charged with disorderly conduct.
An update from Atlanta Medical Center advises Bowman remains in critical condition, but he has been stabilized.
Early reports indicated at least one of the multiple shots allegedly fired by Bowman had pierced Jordan’s body armor, but officials now say that has not yet been determined.
“During the initial reports of the incident, it was stated that Officer Jordan’s bullet proof vest may have been penetrated. At this point in the investigation there is nothing from the preliminary review of the vest to support that. Further examination of the vest is pending at this time,” said Richardson.
Jordan, who was 43, had served with the Griffin Police Department for four years. He is survived by seven children.


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