GPD officer suspended with pay following Saturday DUI arrest


Officer Sheldon Mayfield, of the Griffin Police Department, has been placed on leave following his Saturday night arrest on a drunken driving charge.
According to Lt. Mike Richardson, who serves as the GPD’s public information officer, Mayfield will not return to active duty pending the conclusion of an open investigation.
“He has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation being conducted by the Office of the Chief,” Richardson said.
Mayfield was charged with DUI following the execution of a traffic stop by a deputy of the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office.
Mayfield reportedly declined to submit to DUI-related testing, which under Georgia law, results in a mandatory driver’s license suspension.
Mayfield is assigned to the Uniform Patrol Division and leads the department’s Explorer program for youth.
Mayfield was off duty at the time of his arrest.


  1. Oops girl, I have to be honest. He makes the honest look bad..if it is true

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