Alleged cop killer now in official custody, being held in Clayton County Jail


Michael Bowman, the man accused of killing Officer Kevin Jordan of the Griffin Police Department, has been discharged from Atlanta Medical Center and is now being held in the Clayton County Jail.
Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Scott Ballard said Bowman appeared Thursday in Spalding County Magistrate Court, where he was bound over to stand trial and was denied bond.
“Michael Bowman is in the Clayton County Jail in their medical facility, so he is under arrest for this murder,” Ballard said.
Jordan’s brother, Raymond Jordan, was visiting with the officer at the time he was murdered. Raymond Jordan returned fire in defense of his brother, and Bowman sustained two gunshot wounds as a result – one to the upper chest and one to the face.
Ballard said he is not aware of Bowman’s current medical condition, only that he was discharged from Atlanta Medical Center.
“I know that he’s still receiving medical treatment. That’s one of the reasons he’s in the Clayton County Jail – they have a good medical facility,” Ballard said.
At this time, Bowman faces a single charge of felony murder, but Ballard said that is likely to change.
“It (Bowman’s current charge) doesn’t really matter, because when we go to Grand Jury, we’ll seek to indict him on all the appropriate charges we can – everything we can imagine,” he said. “There will be more charges when we go to the Grand Jury, that’s for sure.”
The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which investigated Jordan’s murder, sought a warrant for Bowman’s arrest within hours of the crime. However, since being hospitalized May 31, the alleged cop killer has been guarded by law enforcement, but has not been officially in custody. That status changed upon his hospital discharge.
Ballard said he anticipates Bowman will now seek bond through Spalding County Superior Court.
“Magistrates (judges) don’t have the authority to set bond on a murder,” Ballard explained. “He’ll probably have to seek bond in Superior Court, but his co-defendant has already been denied bond in Superior Court.”
Bowman’s co-defendant in Jordan’s murder is Chantell Mixon, who has been charged with felony obstruction of a law enforcement officer and felony murder in connection to Jordan’s death.
Officials say Jordan was in the process of arresting Mixon when Bowman opened fire on the officer. Jordan sustained five gunshot wounds to the back. He is survived by seven children.
Asked if he has yet determined whether he will seek the death penalty in this case, Ballard said, “I’ve made a decision, but I’m not ready to announce it yet. I’ll be announcing my decision soon.”


  1. Matthew says:

    They do not have a good medical facility, It is nasty, filthy dirty.

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