SCSO executes search warrant at Mama’s Country Showcase; three arrested


According to Spalding County Sheriff Wendell Beam, personnel of the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office at 2:30 a.m. Sunday executed a search warrant at Mama’s County Showcase located at 2700 North Expressway that resulted in the arrests of three suspects on gambling related charges.
“We had received complaints from concerned citizens based on activities that were going on there, and based on that, we started an investigation,” Beam said.
The search warrant led to the seizure of four gambling machines that officials say were being used in a manner that violated state law.
Beam said the investigation revealed Mama’s Country Showcase employees were allegedly paying cash to patrons that won on the gambling machines, which is a violation of Georgia’s gambling laws.
Arrested was the business manager, Justin Taylor Wynn, age 29, of 127 Central Lake Circle, who is charged with keeping a gambling place and commercial gambling. He was later released on a total bond of $4,806 on both charges.
Also charged were Tiffany Diane Schafer, age 46, of 149 Glazier Farms Drive, Senoia, and Suhmer Simonds, age 34, of 403 Woodton Knoll, Stockbridge. Schafer and Simonds were each charged with one count of commercial gambling and were subsequently released on $2,403 bond.
Beam said this investigation has not resulted in the immediate closure of Mama’s Country Showcase, which remains in operation.
“They’re (the business) not closed; they can still operate. It will be up to the (Spalding County) Board of Commissioners to decide if any action will be taken regarding the business license,” Beam said. “They’ll have to investigate that from their standpoint. It will be an administrative action on their part, and I can’t say what they (the BoC) may or may not do.”



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