Sheriff: Teamon Road suspect remains at large; not considered armed or dangerous


The Spalding County Sheriff’s Office is continuing its search for an as-of-yet unidentified suspect that on Monday afternoon fled from deputies patrolling in the area of Teamon Road.
According to Sheriff Wendell Beam, the subject, on whom the Sheriff’s Office has an active warrant, was spotted in the vicinity of Teamon Road near its intersection with Hosanna Road.
“Our deputy drove by and saw an individual we have a felony warrant on,” Beam said. “He (the suspect) ran into the woods. We used our helicopter and K9 to search for him, but were unsuccessful.”
He said the suspect, who is being sought on a drug charge, is not considered dangerous, and he does not believe he is armed.
“We do not consider him a danger to people in the area, but we are searching for him,” he said.
In response to some residents’ concerns that they were not notified of the situation at hand, Beam said, “We did talk to some residents, but we were using deputies to establish a perimeter. We didn’t have the manpower to speak to every resident, but we were stopping vehicles in the area, particularly those on Hosanna Road – which is a dead-end road – and alerting them to what was going on.”
The Sheriff said his personnel are continuing to search for the suspect, and requested that anyone with information on his whereabouts, or any resident who spots a suspicious person, report it to 911.
Beam then reiterated that he does not consider the suspect armed and dangerous, nor does he believe area residents are at risk of harm.
“If he had committed a crime against a person, or if he was armed, we would have taken a different approach,” Beam said. “Again, we don’t believe poses a risk to anyone in that area. He was just trying to get away from us.”



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    Sheriff: Teamon Road suspect remains at large; not considered armed or dangerous – The Grip

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