Cole’s Corner area shooting remains under investigation


The Spalding County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division is continuing to search for information in an aggravated assault that occurred Oct. 23, in the vicinity of Cole’s Corner on Highway 16 in Brooks.
The victim, described by Sheriff Wendell Beam only as a Hispanic male, sustained gunshot wounds to his leg and face.
The victim walked to Cole’s Corner and a 911 call reported the incident. The victim was flown to Atlanta for medical treatment, and Beam now reports he was treated and released last Thursday.
According to Beam, little information has been gleaned thus far from the investigation.
“The victim has said he does not know who shot him, so we’re trying to come up with information on what happened,” he said. “It’s all rather sketchy.”
No other witnesses to the shooting have been located.
“In this one, we’re relying very heavily on the victim to identify the suspect,” Beam said.
Asked if investigators have reason to believe the victim is being less than forthcoming with information that may aid the investigation, Beam said, “We’re going with what he said until we can come up with something different.”


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