Shane Collett murder trial underway

Collett, Shane Clifton


The murder trial of Shane Clift Collett, who stands accused in the Dec. 21, 2012 murder of nine-year-old Skyler Dials, is underway in Spalding County Superior Court.

The first panel of potential jurors is being questioned by Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Scott Ballard and George Weldon, Collett’s defense counsel.

As they seek to empanel an impartial jury, attorneys representing the state and defendant will ask each potential juror a series of questions regarding not only the case itself, but about their personal life experiences, as well as whether they have already formed a decision of innocence or guilt in the case or if they know anyone involved in the case.

The trial is expected to last the majority of the week.

Collett is accused of killing Dials, who had walked from her home to play with a friend, the daughter of Collett’s girlfriend.

Approximately 10 hours after her family reported her missing, Dials body was discovered partially obscured by brush hundreds of yards behind her family’s residence.


  1. Bubba Crowder says:

    i Hope justice will be served! Put Collett and Bowman in a jail cell together and throw away the keys or even better let Jackson Guards shoot some juice into some veins. Just hope the jury gives little girl family some justice!

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