Spalding County man convicted of human trafficking of 14-year-old girl

SHEILA A. MATHEWS ::: The Spalding County District Attorney’s Office on Wednesday obtained the first human trafficking conviction in the Griffin Judicial Circuit. District Attorney Ben Coker and Spalding County Assistant District Attorney Morgan Kendrick prosecuted the case against Armed Cortez Clemmons, who was convicted of aggravated child molestation, two counts of child molestation, sodomy, […]

Jury duty canceled for week of Aug. 26

From the office of Spalding County Superior Court Clerk Debbie Brooks: Jury service for the week of Aug. 26, 2019, has been canceled. If you received a jury summons for this week, you are released from jury service. This is for the week of Aug. 26, 2019, only. For additional information please call the Spalding […]

Shane Collett murder trial underway

SHEILA A. MATHEWS ::: The murder trial of Shane Clift Collett, who stands accused in the Dec. 21, 2012 murder of nine-year-old Skyler Dials, is underway in Spalding County Superior Court. The first panel of potential jurors is being questioned by Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Scott Ballard and George Weldon, Collett’s defense counsel. As […]

Man accused of killing GPD Officer Kevin Jordan appears in court for arraignment

  SHEILA A. MATHEWS ::: Michael Bowman, the man accused in the May 31, 2014, shooting death of Officer Kevin Jordan, of the Griffin Police Department, was on Monday morning arraigned in Spalding County Superior Court. Bowman, who is represented by Burt Baker, a public defender of the Capital Defenders Office in Macon, waived a […]