Officials seek public’s assistance in Saturday morning pedestrian death


Spalding County Coroner Sonny Foster is seeking the public’s assistance in a case involving the death of a pedestrian early Saturday morning.

“The victim has been tentatively identified by the Griffin Police Department as Samuel Garcia Wood, a 27-year-old black male, but I have been unable to locate any relatives,” Foster said. “He was supposedly living in one of the motels on the north side of town. I checked them all, but none have him registered.”

Foster has also investigated other leads to both confirm the victim’s identity and notify his next of kin of his death, but his efforts have been fruitless.

“The addresses that we’ve had, we’ve struck out. We’ve not been able to identify anyone who knew him,” Foster said. “If anyone thinks they know the victim or anyone related to him, I’d appreciate them contacting me.”

Foster did stress, however, that he will not discuss with anyone the circumstances surrounding the incident that took Wood’s life.

“I’m only trying to locate the victim’s next of kin,” he said.

Anyone with information that may assist in locating relatives of Samuel Garcia Wood is asked to contact Foster at 678.859.1564.

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