Hope Health Clinic merger to expand patient services


As of March 2, Spalding County’s charitable clinic, the Hope Health Clinic, will become part of the Southside Medical Center, a 501(c)3 medical and dental facility with multiple clinic sites in the south Atlanta area. 

Spalding County’s clinic will continue to serve uninsured and underinsured medical and dental patients in Spalding County and will remain known as the Hope Health Clinic.

In the foreseeable future, Hope Health will accept Medicaid, Medicare and insured patients as well.  All patients will have access to expanded offerings.

Hope Health Board of Directors Chairman Walter E. Jones Jr. said, “We are building capacity in Spalding County to serve not only more patients but also add medical disciplines in the upcoming months through our agreement with Southside Medical Center. Future optometry, pediatrics, and OB-GYN evaluations will complement the high quality urgent care, medical, dental and behavioral health services that our patients expect and receive.”

Jones continued, “Our board of directors chose to merge with Southside Medical to give Hope Health long term financial sustainability and better meet the medical needs of our community. The result should be greatly improved health outcomes for our Hope Health patients.”

Bonnie Pfrogner, chair of the Griffin-Spalding County Hospital Authority and a major funder of the Hope Health Clinic, echoed Jones’ optimism.

“The Griffin-Spalding County Hospital Authority is very supportive of the decision Hope Health Clinic has made to merge with Southside Medical Clinic to gain the opportunity to become a Federally Qualified Health Center,” she said. “This will elevate the quality and diversity of healthcare services offered at Hope Health to better meet the needs of Spalding County citizens. We are excited about the future of health care that will be available as a result of this merger.”


  1. R Hayden DC PhD FICC says:

    What a shame—Walter Jones did not mention the chiropractic clinic within Hope in his list of services. It is staffed by three doctors who volunteer on Tuesdays and Thursday, and Southern Medical Group has no such service anywhere else in their system. Since back pain is the #2 reason people seek care behind the common cold, that was an interesting oversight.

    Robert A. Hayden, DC, PhD, FICC Iris City Chiropractic Center Griffin, GA

    Molon Labe!!!

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