Griffin PD officer searches smoke filled home, rescues toddler from reported fire


A Griffin Police Department officer responding to a kitchen fire call pulled a child from a residence amid heavy smoke.

Sgt. Joe Hudson, the first responding officer on the scene, was informed by a resident that the child remained inside the home.

“At 6:12 p.m., Sgt. Hudson responded to a kitchen fire at 608 Wall St. When he arrived, he was met by a Lynn Brown, who resides at that address,” said Lt. Mike Richardson. “When Joe asked if anyone was still inside the house, Ms. Brown told him her grandbaby was still in there.”

Although the fire had already produced heavy smoke, Hudson entered and began to search for the two-year-old little boy.

“Joe searched, but was unable to locate the child. He went back to the front of the house, where the grandmother met him at the door and told him the baby was in a bedroom at the back of the house,” Richardson said. “Joe re-entered the home, went to the back bedroom and was able to locate and remove Baby Ray-Ray from the home.”

Griffin Fire-Rescue Battalion Chief Todd Wheeler said his units arrived on the scene just as Hudson was bringing the toddler out of the house.

“A kitchen fire generally can create heavy smoke. The fire today was contained to the stovetop, but it was heavy in smoke when we got there,” Wheeler said. “He (Hudson) did a good job.”

Richardson said Baby Ray-Ray, as the toddler is known, was evaluated at the scene by Spalding Regional Hospital Emergency Medical Services, but was not transported for further medical care.


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