GPD: Party ends in gunfire; one teen shot


The Griffin Police Department is continuing its investigation into a Sunday night party that ended early Monday morning with gunfire and one man shot.
According to Investigator Stacy Beckom, of the GPD’s Criminal Investigation Division, the gunshot victim – 18-year-old Tyler Head – was wounded while driving away from the Kentucky Avenue party.
As the party intensified, Quinn Smith, a man present at the Kentucky Avenue residence allegedly attempted to break it up.
“He was asleep and was awakened by the party – it was getting worse and worse,” Beckom said. “After numerous unheeded warnings to leave, he retrieved a shotgun and fired one round into the air, instructing everyone who did not live there to leave.”
Authorities say Quinn took this step out of concern for his home.
“He felt that his home was being taken over,” Beckom said.
Smith also reported that after being awakened, he realized some of those present were in possession of firearms.
After Smith fired the single shotgun round into the air, party goers did begin to disperse. That is also when additional shots were fired, with several rounds striking Head’s 2003 Silverado pickup truck.
“He (Head) said the only reason he knew he’d been shot at is because one bullet struck the windshield. When it hit, pieces of glass came out and hit him,” Beckom said. “One went through the windshield and one went the driver side door, broke the door handle in half and then struck him in the thigh. The other round that went through the door was in the frame, and it was recovered.”
Head, who was accompanied in his vehicle by 19-year-old Jacob Johnson, said the pair dove for cover when the shots rang out.
With the truck was still moving, Head reported that he flung himself to the truck’s front floorboard while Johnson dove over the seat and hit the back floorboard.
“Tyler reached over from the back seat to steer and Jacob manned the gas pedal on the floorboard,” Beckom said.
The pair continued on until they spotted a GPD patrol car at Patriot Chevron located at 10th and Taylor streets.
“The two male subjects (Head and Johnson) made contact with Lt. James Richards at the Patriot,” Beckom said.
Richards told them to continue on to the emergency room of Spalding Regional Hospital where Head was treated and released. The round that struck Head was recovered after being removed from his leg in the emergency room. The two recovered rounds have been transported to the GBI Crime Lab for further analysis.
Officials say the shooting investigation remains ongoing, but little information is known at this time.
“A foot canvas was conducted on Kentucky Avenue, but no shell casings were recovered,” Beckom said. “All we know is the shots came from the south side of Kentucky Avenue. No one saw anything. I don’t even know who all was at the party other than those two (Head and Johnson).”
Quinn has been charged with a single count of reckless conduct based on the allegation he fired the shotgun round into the air.

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