Spalding County firefighter and second suspect charged in drive by shooting


Spalding County probationary firefighter Travis Mayes has been arrested in connection with a drive by shooting.

The incident occurred at approximately 5:53 p.m. June 10, in the vicinity of N. 3rd and Jefferson streets.

Sgt. John Hayes, of the Griffin Police Department was patrolling the area when he reported hearing shots fired.

“Sgt. John Hayes stated he began heading in that direction when several witnesses flagged him down and advised him that they observed a newer model Dodge Charger slowly driving through the area, when two black males wearing masks jumped out with a rifle and a handgun,” reported Officer Stephen Trawick. “The witnesses stated that the two black male subjects pointed the firearms towards the area of Jefferson St. near Circus St.”

Investigators say the gunmen began firing near a group of subjects at the dead end of Jefferson St., causing two people to run away from the area.

Witnesses reported the Charger’s direction of travel was north on N. 3rd St. and then left onto Blanton Ave., but Hayes was unable to locate the vehicle.

Another witness advised Cpl. Bryan Jones, Officer Shaun Carr and Officer Colt Tolen that the shooting suspects were in the area of Short St.

“Patrolman Tolen advised the subjects to get on the ground, at which point one of the subjects got on the ground and was taken into custody. The other subject began running on foot and while running, dropped a towel containing a semi-automatic rifle,” Trawick reported. “At that time, myself and Sgt. Hayes began looking around the area of N. 3rd St. and Jefferson St. for evidence to the crime. Myself and Sgt. Hayes observed several pistol and rifle casings on the ground in this area as well as a vehicle that had been struck by a projectile at 515 Jefferson St.”

Investigator Drew Jackson later identified the rifle used in this incident as an AK47.

According to Jackson, a number of residences were also struck by gunfire in this incident, and a large quantity of casings was recovered from the scene.

In addition to Mayes, Otis Perkins, age 20, was arrested at the scene in connection to this drive by shooting, and additional suspects remain at-large.

Perkins has been charged with obstruction of law enforcement officer and tampering with evidence.

Mayes’ charges have not yet been announced.

A press release issued by Spalding County stated, “After a thorough investigation by the Griffin Police Department, warrants were issued for probationary firefighter Travis Mayes on Wednesday, June 24. Mr. Mayes willingly turned himself in to the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office Thursday, June 25, at 8 a.m., and was immediately placed on investigatory suspension by the Spalding County Fire Department pursuant to the Spalding County Personnel Ordinance.”

In a separate interview, Spalding County Assistant County Manager Eric Mosley said Mayes had served with the Fire Department approximately six months, having been a member of the department’s most recent recruitment class.



  1. Whatever@990 says:

    Spalding county is full of thugs and gang bangers. The Sheriff and Police departments have been able to do very little to combat the gang problem that is growing out of hand. To the firefighter that was arrested, if the county had a stricter hiring policy this might not have happened…oh wait, the pay for county and city employees is so low that this is the kind of people that this kind of wage attracts!

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