GPD: Girl struck by vehicle at bus stop expected to make full recovery


The six-year-old little girl who was stuck by a Ford Escape early Thursday morning remains in the Intensive Care Unit at Egleston Children’s Hospital, but she is expected to survive her injuries.

According to Lt. Curtis Keys, of the Griffin Police Department Uniform Patrol Division, the girl’s father reports her injuries are thought to be non-life threatening.

“She has bruises on her spine, bruises on her liver, nothing broken, a little small, small bleeding on the brain, but not enough that the doctor is really concerned that he ought to do surgery, so they’ll just keep her in and monitor her. The doctor said he’s 95 percent she’ll recover fully,” Keys said as he reported information from her father. “I just got off the phone with her dad; he just called me back.”

The 17-year-old girl who was driving the Ford Escape, also en route to school at the time of the collision, will not be charged in the incident.

GPD Cpl Bryan Jones, who is trained in accident reconstruction, investigated the scene and does not believe the driver was at fault.

“He (Jones) went back out there and tested everything, did the measurements and all that,” Keys said.

Jones reported the little girl traveled approximately 15 feet from the point of impact to her final resping point, and he put the driver’s speed at 30 miles per hour. The location where the incident occurred has a posted speed limit 35 mile per hour.


  1. Who would you talk to about teenaged kids flying up and down a dead end road . Where kids are constantly playing outside . It’s become a problem in my neighborhood. We’ve asked them to slow down but they disregard it and get in front of the house and stomp on it . My neighborhood was quiet until they moved in.

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