Young girl struck by vehicle Thursday morning as she walked to bus stop


A six-year-old girl was critically injured Thursday morning when she was struck by a white Ford Escape.

According to Lt. Curtis Keys, of the Griffin Police Department Uniform Patrol Division, the incident occurred as the child was en route to her bus stop.

“A group of kids were walking southbound on Solomon St. towards their bus stop and a six-year-old little girl darted out in the street and was struck,” he said.

The Escape that struck the young girl was being driven by a 17-year-old girl.

“I believe she was on her way to school, too,” Keys said.

Keys said the children at the bus stop were shaken up by the incident, as was the bus driver.

“Another bus driver had to take over the route because she was so upset,” he said. “The school system was also bringing counselors out to help the other children.”

The investigation is ongoing, but Keys said the driver has not been charged in the incident.

“From witnesses on the scene, it was unavoidable. She ran out from the grassy area and was struck,” he said.

Keys said the little girl’s young brother was present and witnessed the incident, but they were not being accompanied by a parent.

Griffin Fire-Rescue personnel responded to the scene and established a landing zone. The child was subsequently air lifted to Egleston Children’s Hospital in Atlanta.

At approximately 9:45 a.m., Keys made  contact with the little girl’s father who stated she is in critical but stable condition with multiple injuries.


  1. Cammie Hubbard says:

    This is a different incident but my 12 year old child was dropped off 28 minutes early by herself in a thunderstorm at the end of last year. It was lightning and thundering. Normally there is someone there to pick her up because it is not safe these days for children to walk the streets. But since the bus driver dropped her off 28 minutes early we had not left the house yet to meet her. She was crying and terrified by the time she got home not to mention soaking wet. There has to be something we can do to change this. Why are we saving fuel for buses but I see county police cars being driven home and used for personal errands everyday. Maybe we should save fuel there instead of putting our children’s lives at risk.

  2. For the record Solomon Street runs East and West where does it run Southbound ?

  3. Why in the world is a six year old walking to the bus stop without a parent!

  4. They are treating these kids like they are riding a Marta/city bus! They should go back to when kids were picked up at the end of their driveways. That’s how it was for me growing up. Much safer that way. Praying for the little girl that was hit. It’s just sad!

  5. RoChelle Crawley says:

    I am having an issue with the transportation dept. as well. My 8 year old is expected to walk through other people’s yard (because there are no sidewalks) to wait for the bus where there are no other children, although the bus passes DIRECTLY in front of my house. Greg claims that she cannot be picked up at the end of the driveway or the end of the street where I can at least see her because it would inconvenience the other 28 children in our neighborhood (there are only 3 children that actually ride the elementary bus). I would like to know how we can replace Greg and his superiors who don’t care about our children with someone who puts our children’s safety before fuel savings.

  6. We all knew it was a matter of time before a child was hit,Spalding county cares more about fuel savings than our childrean’s safety, I hope this FAMILY sues them for everything they have….mine have to catch the bus at highway 16, one of the busiest roads in the county. Praying for the little girl and her Family

  7. Sad prayers for the baby and her family but yea my kids walk to bus stop 3 blocks but the highschool bus comes down our road how akward is that elementary and Middle have to walk to bus stop but HS gets picked up at home hmmm

  8. kierra ellerby says:

    If i leave a reply on this public post but you immediately delete it for whatever reason, is it really public and open for discussion?

  9. Kierra Ellerby says:

    This article didn’t note that the speed limit on Solomon street is only 35 miles per hour. The child traveled about 45 feet after being stuck. Calculate that. To me this seems like the child or parents are being blamed for this. Did you know that the bus driver writes the students up for just being late to the bus stop. Have some consideration for this child and her family, report the news.. don’t choose sides of a story that you were not there to witness there was no officer there to help the approximately 20 kids get to their destination. Take that into consideration. Thanks

    • That information wasn’t included in the article because it hasn’t been released by an official source. Once the investigation has been completed, I’ll be reporting on its findings. To do otherwise would be unethical and irresponsible.

  10. Lakiesha Mcmullin says:

    If they don’t do nothing about will probably happen again god please cover our child protect them from harm

  11. Lakiesha Mcmullin says:

    My kids ride the same bus and friend with the little sweet angel 😇 that was struck.west Solomon street is a dangerous street cars fly up and down that road all day and the speed limit is 35 but cars ride faster than the speed limit I know cause I stay on that street so a pray for the lil girl and I pray a change on Solomon street.

  12. I agree with Don Hughes this was the worst thing the transportation could have done because it is too dangerous for the kids to be crossing and walking distance to bus stops my daughter have to walk a block to the bus stop everyday where people have dogs and they refused to keep them properly housed. I called the transportation department and Greg told me I need to call the local animal control that was not their problem in the mean time the bus driver was actually really nice about it went to a local store an waited on me to come get her because she refused to put her with those dogs which were pits to walk a block home. Just to make it clear where the kids have to stand to wait on the bus is a busy intersection and still dark while waiting on the bus!!!!!

  13. My grandson has to walk 3blocks to catch bus ,in 1st grade ,the bus comes by his house 2 times after he is on the bus this is crazy ,this is on Hammond Dr,& traffic is bad on that street

  14. Darlene Madaris says:

    This is why they should be picked up at their home, and not walking to a bus stop.

  15. This was bound to happen eventually. You can chalk this up to Todd and his sidekick Greg who thinks that these small children need to be getting on busses at community stops in stead of being picked up at the there homes. If something isn’t done about it, this will happen again .

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