Teen arrested for alleged threat to take over school, shoot students


A Griffin teenager has been arrested in connection to alleged threats made on the Internet involving taking over Spalding High School and shooting students.
According to Spalding County Sheriff Wendell Beam, Brennan Turbyville, age 17, of 665 Maple Drive, was arrested Jan. 7, and is being held in the Spalding County Jail on a charge of terroristic threats. Bond has been set at $1,000.
“I want to thank all of the concerned parents and citizens who reported this incident to school officials and to the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office,” Beam said. “I urge all citizens to report any suspicious or criminal activity to law enforcement officials immediately.”


  1. Mandy Jones says:

    I think the kid to be put up behind bars. If this kid was black he would of never got release He would got 25 to life without bond. That’s just my opinion and the fact the school didnt shut down or close within this act is crazy. All kids deserve to have a safe community to go and learn without being sacred for their lives.

  2. so many unknowns in this story. I realize the similarities of recent and past news-stories. But lets not convict this child without due-process, or wish to erase a promising future because of a stupid vent..kids do stupid things all the time, without the ability to forsee consequences. Prayers for the family. the stress and expense of legal counsel is undoubtedly an unexpected burden.

  3. Access to guns? Guns are not the only deadly weapon. Pretty much anything can be fashioned into a weapon. This child should have his butt tore up now and when he was younger. Bring back paddles to the school system and keep the government out of the home when a child is properly punished.

  4. So you can make threars to shoot up a school and get out of jail the next day, nice work spalding county.

  5. Kristen Williamson says:

    Why is this child’s name being released in a public news story? Is he not still a minor under the law?

  6. They need to pass down an extra severe sentence, make an example out of him.

  7. Why do you set a bond of 1,000? Did this kid have access to guns? He should not be able to go back to public schools.

    • Exactly!! And why weren’t the parents notified??? My daughter goes to school their and this is the first I have heard about this. Ridiculous!!!

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