Details of student’s alleged threats against school, students emerge

Publisher’s note – At this time, The GRIP will not disclose the identity of minors involved in this incident.


Additional information is available in the arrest of 17-year-old Brennan Turbeyville, the Griffin teenager who was on Jan. 7, arrested and charged with terroristic threats following what the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office described as “threats on the Internet to take over one of the schools and shoot students.”
According to an incident report written by Deputy J.D. Cape, he responded on Jan. 2, to a complaint submitted by a father who stated his 17-year-old daughter, Turbeyville’s former girlfriend, had received text messages said to be “disturbing and threatening.”
Cape was provided with the girl’s cell phone with text messages she had received from another male juvenile. The deputy reported that the minor male initially was attempting to obtain phone numbers that would enable him to contact members of “Kain,” also known as Turbeyville.
“(Male minor) would not initially tell (female minor) what the problem was. It was later discovered that (male minor) told (female minor) that ‘Kain’ was planning on shooting up the high school and that he had proof,” Cape reported. “(Male minor) describes that ‘Kain’ was trying to employ his help in the matter, so he told him the plan. (Male minor) was actively speaking with ‘Kain’ on his phone, and he took screen shots of the text messages flowing back and forth in this conversation and forwarded them to (minor female’s) phone. From my reading of the texts, this was being planned to occur around graduation of 2017.”
Cape then transcribed some of the text messages and they follow verbatim:
(Male minor) – “When we go into the school, who so we need to make sure doesn’t die?”
Turbeyville – “This is a while away, what’s wrong bro? Why do you act like it’s tomorrow.”
(Male minor) – I just want to know, I’d like to know all the details man, you can’t expect me to want to do this if you haven’t told me anything.”
Turbeyville – Uh, hard to tell right now. (Male student), (male student), (male student). So far, that’s it.”
(Male minor) – “Nice.”
Turbeyville – “I know what we are going to do. We are going to walk in I”m gonna yank the mic from the fag**t senior kid. I’m gonna tell them all to shut the f*ck up and not to move. Your gonna take a phone with a 10 hour loop of the Allahu Akbar song and plug it into the speakers. Then I say in the mic Koon Teh 2017 and we fire away.”
Cape reported this was the final screen shot of the conversation sent to the girl’s phone.
“After this, (male minor) goes into telling (female minor) other things such as he had been going along with it to get proof. At one point, (male minor) tells (female minor) that he even set up a fake Skype account posing as a hit man to see how far he (Turbeyville) would go. (Male minor) describes that ‘Kain’ wanted to hire him to kill (female minor) and that he made a price and everything,” Cape wrote. “Later in the conversation, (male minor) tells (female minor) that ‘Kain’ sent (another male subject) a bunch of pictures of the Columbine shooting and about how he worshiped the shooters.”
All the text messages described in Cape’s report were printed off the girl’s phone and were included in his report, Cape stated.
The deputy reported he girl denied Turbeyville had ever behaved violently during their approximately three-year-long relationship. Furthermore, the minor female expressed concern for Turbeyville’s mental health.
Turbeyville was subsequently arrested Jan. 7, on one count of terroristic threats. He has since been released on $1,000 bond.
The girl’s father reported to Cape that prior to contacting the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office, he had spoken with Griffin-Spalding County School System regarding his concerns.
Cape stated, “(The father) advised that he had contacted a Col. Sylvester with the Spalding County High School ROTC program because he knew him, and the information contained in the texts was concerning the school. It was recommended that after the Colonel contacted his boss that the police be called.”
It is not know at this time if the Spalding County School System reported this incident to local law enforcement officials. The GRIP submitted to the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office an Open Records request seeking to obtain “all reports and records currently available pertaining to the Jan. 7, 2016, arrest of Brennan Turbeyville.”
The sole report released to this publication was the report filed by the teenage girl’s father.
Griffin-Spalding County School System Executive Director of Communications and Partnerships Judy Parker did not immediately respond to The GRIP’s attempt to seek clarification on this matter.
This newspaper will continue to follow this story and additional information will be reported as it becomes available.

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