GPD: Dump truck used in attempted ATM robbery also stolen


Investigators of the Griffin Police Department say an early Thursday morning attempted ATM robbery failed to elicit any cash for the perpetrators.

Police have little initial information to go on, but have said the dump truck used in the incident was stolen.

“A dump truck – it was a dump truck that was stolen, but at the time it hadn’t been reported stolen yet because the owners were not aware that it was missing from their business until they arrived this morning around 8ish – so, the dump truck pulls up at the ATM machine off of 19-41 – they turned down by Applebee’s, in between Applebee’s and Taco Bell,” said Sgt. Sommer Bales, of the Criminal Investigation Division. “They pulled up at a diagonal to the ATM machine. You can see in the video they’re trying to get situated, and you can tell from the video they floored it and backed into the ATM machine, knocking it off its foundation.”

One individual then exited the dump truck and evaluated the damage to the ATM as a second vehicle entered the scene.

“The subject who jumped out of the dump truck runs over to where the foundation was along with a pick up truck that pulled up. Right now it appears to be a Ford Ranger, a new model Ford Ranger, but we can’t be for certain if that’s exactly what kind of vehicle it is. But it pulled up right after the dump truck backed into the ATM machine,” Bales said. “Another person gets out of that vehicle, so the two run up together and kind of look at the ATM machine and then both then jumped into the Ford Ranger and drove off. They never got anything out of the ATM machine. They never did physically touch the ATM machine.”

In addition to the stolen dump truck and suspected Ford Ranger, Bales said a third vehicle was present, but it is unknown if it was involved in the incident.

“There was another vehicle. I don’t know if it has anything to do with my case, but it was parked in the parking lot toward the back end of the parking lot toward Belk. You can see in the video that shortly after – within seconds after the vehicle pulls up, the (dump) truck pulls up – this vehicle pulls off and drives away. I don’t know who was in the vehicle; they didn’t wait around to make contact with law enforcement. They left. I don’t know if they were a lookout. I have no idea if they had any involvement in it or not,” she said.

Authorities do not have a description of the suspects.

“They were all wearing dark clothing – both of them were, from head to toe – so I can’t make out if they’re black males, white males, Hispanic or what,” Bales explained.

The initial Thursday morning incident – the theft of the dump truck – occurred at a second Griffin location.

“The dump was stolen from Construction Management Engineer Servicing out of Norcross,” Bales said. “It was stolen out of Griffin, but the business – the actual business – is located in Norcross. They have like a sub-building that is located at 2024 Williamson Road, so that’s where the dump truck was actually stolen from.”

Anyone with information pertaining to either of these incidents is asked to contact Bales at 770.229.6450 or

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