GBI: GPD officer’s service weapon used in alleged suicide attempt

Publisher note: It is The GRIP’s policy to not routinely report on suicides or attempted suicides. However, this incident involves a family member of a local law enforcement officer and is under investigation by the GBI. The information contained in this report was released by the Griffin Police Department, and The GRIP will follow up with additional information as it becomes available.


According to Assistant Special Agent in Charge Chris DeMarco, of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Region 6 Office, the investigation into the alleged suicide attempt by the wife of a Griffin police officer remains active and ongoing.

It is not uncommon for a GBI investigation to be requested under such circumstances.

In this incident, DeMarco said the gunshot injuries were caused by Griffin Police Department Officer Matthew Boynton’s service weapon.

“We were just requested because it involved a Griffin police officer and obviously his wife who appeared to have attempted suicide – used his service weapon – so just based on those factors, the Chief decided to request our assistance,” DeMarco explained.

Matthew Boynton’s wife, Jessica, was discovered inside a locked closet early Friday with a gunshot wound to the right side of her head.

Authorities say at approximately 1 a.m. Friday, personnel of the GPD responded to 53 Ashford Place Apartments in reference to a person threatening suicide. As police officers, Griffin Fire-Rescue and Spalding Regional Hospital Emergency Medical Services units were responding, one of the residents of 53 Ashford Place Apartments, Matthew Boynton, arrived and then responded via his police department issued mobile radio that he heard two shots possibly from his apartment.

Lt. Curtis Keys along with additional GPD officers arrived at the scene. Officer Boynton met these officers outside his apartment. Officers then entered the apartment and searched for Officer Boynton’s wife.

Officers subsequently located Jessica Boynton inside a closet with a locked door which they had to forcibly open.

DeMarco said the closet had been locked from the interior.

“(It was locked) from the inside. I think that’s the only way you can lock that particular door is from the inside. I don’t think you can lock it from the outside,” he said.

DeMarco confirmed Matthew Boynton was not on duty at the time the shooting happened.

“He was off duty at the time it occurred,” DeMarco said. “His radio was inside the apartment when he got there, so he just used the radio when he got into his apartment. It was sitting on the battery charger being charged.”

Jessica Boynton was flown by air ambulance to the trauma unit of Atlanta Medical Center. Her condition was initially reported by the GPD as critical.

Later Friday evening, DeMarco said, “Last I heard of her condition was that considering, she was doing fairly well, but I can’t tell you, I don’t know if she’s stable, critical or what. I’ve just heard that she was doing much better considering she has a head injury.”

Investigators cannot say how many gunshot wounds Jessica Boynton sustained.

“Right now I can’t say that for certain because one, we haven’t, meaning the GBI, hasn’t seen her or her injuries yet because obviously right now, she needs to get stable, so I can’t even tell you how many injuries she has on her right now,” DeMarco said.

Asked if he could confirm reports the couple had been discussing divorce, DeMarco said, “I can confirm that we’ve been advised they’d recently discussed going through the divorce proceedings.”


  1. Sandy Westmoreland says:

    Why has there been no resolution to this story. The victim is my grandniece. Her doctor says wounds not self inflicted, not gun shot wound, were blunt force trauma.
    Her two children have been kept from her.
    Actions of GPD, local court system leave much to be desired.
    Jessica Boyenton is happy, upbeat mother that needs her children returned

    • Mr. Westmoreland, a number of follow up articles have been published both in print and online, and there are additional articles forthcoming. (My apologies for the delay in responding, sir. I didn’t see your comment until today.)

  2. Wonder if the PD will charge HER with “unlawful discharge of a weapon”? I lived in those apartments and she could have shot an innocent person!

  3. Sandy Westmorelabd says:

    Ms Matthews, you are a despicable person re: alleged suicide story. May you rot in Hell!

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