David Gibson accuser subject of new SCSO IA case


Through an Open Records request, The GRIP has obtained the final report of a Spalding County Sheriff’s Office Internal Affairs investigation that resulted from a formal complaint involving numerous allegations of wrongdoing – including sexual harassment – filed against Deputy Jessica Kelley by Deputy Catherine Lewis. In turn, Kelley filed a complaint alleging numerous acts of wrongdoing against Lewis. Kelley was the original complainant in the 2015 Internal Affairs investigation and subsequent Georgia Bureau of Investigation case that resulted in numerous criminal charges against David Gibson, formerly the captain of the SCSO Uniform Patrol Division. Kelley also has a pending federal sexual harassment lawsuit against Gibson, Sheriff Wendell Beam, the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office and Spalding County.

According to the investigator’s summary – written by Sgt. Vicki Massengale-Clift, who conducted the investigation – Lewis’ written complaint was submitted to Capt. Eidson, of the Uniform Patrol Division, on or about June 8, and cited “that Deputy Kelley was talking about her in the squad room and Lewis was upset about it.”
Massengale-Clift also noted Lewis complained about Kelley “talking about her sex life” and third party information.

Eidson, who was out of work when Lewis submitted her complaint, forwarded it to the Sheriff upon his return to work on June 17, and requested it be assigned for internal investigation.

Kelley’s subsequent complaint against Lewis cited “vulgar language, sexual discussions and striking Kelley with a thrown item,” Massengale-Clift noted.

The resulting investigation – which was closed Sept. 28 – included interviews with numerous Sheriff’s Office personnel. Statements made by multiple employees indicate that the climate of the Sheriff’s Office is tense and frequently involves inappropriate language and behavior.

In coming editions, The GRIP will delve further into the specifics of these deputy complaints, the investigation and its findings. The GRIP will also seek information from law enforcement officials regarding these most recent sexually-based offenses and complaints occurring among employees of the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office.

The GRIP will also seek clarification on how this may impact, if at all, the pending federal lawsuits that have been filed by four past or present SCSO employees and one civilian, as well as the criminal charges that have been brought against David Gibson.



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