Sheriff: Two deputies fired following IA investigation; sexually explicit language, actions will not be tolerated

SHEILA A. MATHEWS ::: After taking office, Spalding County Sheriff Darrell Dix addressed an Internal Affairs investigation conducted by the preceding administration that involved Jessica Kelley and Catherine Lewis, who remained employed by his office. The original complaint was filed by Lewis, who made numerous allegations of wrongdoing against Kelley, whose 2015 complaint against David […]

David Gibson accuser subject of new SCSO IA case

SHEILA A. MATHEWS ::: Through an Open Records request, The GRIP has obtained the final report of a Spalding County Sheriff’s Office Internal Affairs investigation that resulted from a formal complaint involving numerous allegations of wrongdoing – including sexual harassment – filed against Deputy Jessica Kelley by Deputy Catherine Lewis. In turn, Kelley filed a […]

Sheriff’s Office seized, obtained evidence from David Gibson’s personal cell phone without search warrant

SHEILA A. MATHEWS ::: The Grip has learned the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office did not obtain a search warrant prior to seizing, examining and collecting graphic pornographic photographs and text messages from a personal cell phone belonging to former Capt. David Gibson. The photos and messages – obtained in 2014 – were later used as […]

Timeline of events surrounding David Gibson’s retirement from Sheriff’s Office

SHEILA A. MATHEWS Publisher’s note: This is the beginning of a thorough timeline examining the circum­stances surrounding the Internal Affairs investigation of David Gibson, who on May 21 retired in lieu of termination from the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office. The information contained within this timeline was obtained through dozens of Open Records requests and more […]

David Gibson investigation: Court documents differ from Houston Co. Internal Affairs final report

SHEILA A. MATHEWS ::: The petition for declaratory judgment filed in Spalding County Superior Court that resulted in a temporary restraining order (TRO) sealing the Internal Affairs investigative record of David Gibson, former captain of the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) Uniform Patrol Division, differs from information provided to Lt. Ronald Brainard, of the Houston […]

Temporary restraining order voluntarily dismissed in David Gibson investigation

SHEILA A. MATHEWS ::: The temporary restraining order (TRO) that had kept sealed the Internal Affairs investigative record involving David Gibson, former captain of the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office Uniform Patrol Division, has been voluntarily dismissed by the petitioner, Ruby King, who serves as Sheriff Wendell Beam’s secretary. The TRO was granted June 15 by […]

Sheriff Wendell Beam, David Gibson served notice of lawsuit; $8 million in damages estimated

SHEILA A. MATHEWS ::: Four employees of the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office – Karen Law, Kimberly Barnett, Jessica Kelley and Misty Piper – have met a statutory requirement by serving legal notice of their intent to sue former SCSO employee David Gibson and Sheriff Wendell Beam, each in their individual and official capacities. Local officials […]

Investigation substantiates long-term pattern of sexual harassment at Sheriff’s Office

SHEILA A. MATHEWS ::: Publisher’s note: Through an Open Records request to Spalding County, The Grip obtained three months of emails from the accounts of Spalding County Sheriff Wendell Beam, Capt. Tony Ranieri, of the SCSO Criminal Investigation Division, SCSO Records Clerk Amy Martin and Ruby King, Beam’s secretary. This request yielded the 66-page final […]

The Grip obtains final report of SCSO Internal Affairs investigation of David Gibson

SHEILA A. MATHEWS ::: Through a series of Open Records requests, The Grip has obtained substantial information, including the final report of the Internal Affairs investigation, of David Gibson, the former captain over the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office Uniform Patrol Division. A 27-year employee of the SCSO, Gibson retired in lieu of termination May 21 […]