Griffin Fire-Rescue issues Emergency Action Plan for Winter Storm Helena


Officials of Griffin Fire-Rescue have issued a press release in advance of the predicted winter storm warning that includes Griffin-Spalding County.

The National Weather Service on 2:36 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 5, issued a winter storm warning for the Griffin area. Predicted precipitation calls for an estimated two to four inches of snow and freezing temperatures. Estimated winds are 10 to 15 mph with gust up to 25 mph. Griffin Fire-Rescue, along with other agencies and departments, are making preparations for the adverse affects of this storm.

In order to prepare for optimum efficiency in expectation of this winter event, Griffin Fire-Rescue initiates advanced planning for a variety of potential hazards. With the possibility of downed power lines, icy road conditions, providing emergency back-up power for medical patients and other winter-related hazards, special preparations have been made.
The following pre-storm measures have been taken to establish best practices for preparation of Winter Storm Helena.
* All units, including chain saws, portable generators and hydraulic equipment,
topped off with fuel.
* All chain saws tested and bar-oil changed.
* Performed test-run of installing snow chains efficiently.
* Purchased ample supply of 40lb bags of salt to service bay door aprons for non-slip.
* Established a list of on-call personnel to accommodate the manning of additional units.
* Set-up city of Griffin Emergency Operations Center (EOC) located at City Hall, if needed. Set up with additional maps, grease boards, radio equipment and spare batteries.
* Inventory made of all communications equipment and spare batteries charged to equip additional personnel.
* Contacted all C-shift personnel to prepare them to be called in or remain if necessary.
* Conducted meetings with all personnel on storm response and preparedness issues.
* Topped off all station generators and conducted dry-runs.
* Inventoried food supplies in all stations.
* Established a link on 800mhz radio system with city of Griffin MEAG Power SYSOPS for direct communications of storm and power outage data.

Griffin Fire-Rescue maintains a limited amount of portable generators for a variety of tasks. In power outage situations, the department is called upon to assist citizens who are dependent on oxygen machines, dialysis machines and other life-sustaining equipment. The department can provide portable, back-up power to citizens on a first come, first-serve basis ONLY for medical emergency reasons.

Griffin Fire-Rescue commanders include:

Fire Chief Tommy Jones
Operations Officer John Hamilton (Logistics & Supplies)
Fire Marshal Mitchell Cardell (Investigations and Code Issues)
Fire Inspector Mike Thompson (Safety & Structural Inspections)

Incident Commanders During Estimated Event Window:

Friday, 6 January — Captain Mark Gilreath
Saturday, 7 January — Battalion. Chief Todd Wheeler
Sunday, 8 January — Battalion Chief Roger Slaughter

Emergency telephone numbers are as follows:

Fire Station #1 (770) 229-6417
Fire Station #2 (770) 229-6416 and (770) 229-6415
Fire Station #3 (770) 229-6414
Fire Chief Cell Phone (678) 618-2025
Electronic Contact: (Fire Chief E-mail) 24 hour

For additional information about the city of Griffin, visit Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @CityofGriffin.

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