Spalding Office of Homeland Security issues Winter Storm Helena information


According to the National Weather Service and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, some areas of Georgia may experience a “winter precipitation event” this weekend. During that time, parts of the state may experience rain that will transition to snow overnight due to freezing temperatures. As a precaution, the Spalding County Office of Homeland Security issued a press release with information it would like for all residents to keep in mind.

Be Informed

∗ Listen to a NOAA Weather Radio and monitor commercial radio, television and the Internet to stay informed.

∗ Learn about the terms used to describe winter hazards such as freezing rain, sleet, winter weather advisory, winter storm watch and winter storm warning.

Make a Plan

∗ Create an emergency communications plan so family members will know who to contact if separated during a storm. Designate at least one out-of-town contact.

∗ Plan for pets to come inside and store adequate food and water for them.

∗ Plan to stay inside, if necessary, for at least three days. If trapped outside during severe winter, try to stay dry, cover all body parts and move limbs to keep blood circulating and, if possible, build a fire.

Build a Kit and Be Prepared

∗ Build a Ready Kit of emergency supplies for your home and car.

∗ Home Ready Kit – Include a three-day supply of nonperishable food, water, a flash light with extra batteries, a NOAA Weather Radio, adequate clothing and blankets to keep you warm, as well as additional supplies for the unique needs of your family, such as medication.

∗ Automobile Ready Kit: In addition to the essentials in your home Ready Kit, consider adding a portable cell phone charger, ice scraper, extra blanket, sand for traction and jumper cables.

For additional information on how to prepare, plan and stay informed or possibly about winter weather can contact the Spalding County Office of Homeland Security at 770.228.2129 or For preparedness on the go, download the Ready Georgia mobile app.


  1. homeland security posted a little late do’t you think. People should have gotten this yesterday

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