Pike County man arrested after two shooting incidents


According to the office of Pike County Sheriff Jimmy Thomas, one man was arrested Monday and charged in connection to two separate alleged shooting incidents. 

Pike County Deputies responded yesterday afternoon to a report of a citizen’s car being shot on Bankston Road. Upon arrival it was learned that the victim had sustained a flat tire while driving on the roadway and had pulled over to change the tire on her vehicle. Authorities say gunshots were heard by the victim, and a bullet struck her car going through a window and in to the interior of the car.

Investigators were able to narrow down the location from which the gun had been discharged to the area of 1927 Bankston Road. Initial attempts to contact anyone at this residence were unsuccessful. 

Several hours later two Deputies returned to the address to follow up on the initial complaint. 

Deputies reported they observed a door standing open to the residence and tried to contact anyone inside the residence through the open door. Officials report that during this time the resident, Timothy Jones, age 60, began to verbally threaten the deputies and fired a rifle at the deputies narrowly missing them. 

The deputies were able to get to a safer location and request for additional personnel to assist them. Thomas reports that a stand off ensued during which Jones allegedly refused to come out of the residence and told deputies he was armed and ready to fight. 

Jones eventually came out on to the front porch of his residence at which time deputies were able to deploy a taser and incapacitate him. He was taken into custody and transported to the Pike County Jail.

Officials say a search warrant conducted in the residence resulted in numerous firearms being recovered. Several spent shell casing were recovered that are believed to be from Jones shooting the vehicle earlier in the day and at the Deputies.

Charges for Timothy Jones include two counts of aggravated assault on law enforcement, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during commission of a crime.


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