Spalding County Assistant County Manager Eric Mosley hired to fill Troup County leadership position


It has been announced that Spalding County Assistant County Manager Eric Mosely has been hired to fill the newly-created and short-term position of assistant county manager in Troup County. This position is temporary as an interim step to assuming the position of county manager upon the November 2018 retirement of current Troup County Manager Tod Tentler.

Mosley will continue in his current Spalding County position through the end of 2017, and will on Jan. 2, 2018, assume his leadership role in Troup County.

“What I really want people to know is that we’ve really loved Spalding County. My wife and I really love the community. We are just turning to the next chapter of our lives with hopes to make a lasting impact in Troup County,” Mosley said.

He praised Spalding County officials, particularly County Manager William Wilson, from whom he says he has learned much.

“I have really enjoyed working for the Spalding county Board of Commissioners. William Wilson has been an amazing boss, and I have learned everything that I know from him. I look forward to taking that newfound knowledge and being able to sort of grow on that – to kind of mentor up and coming managerial staff over in Troup County. William has spent a lot of time mentoring me, and I know that he will stay on speed dial on my phone for the rest of my career.”

Mosley has served Spalding County since January 2015.


  1. As a neighbor and a county resident, I surely hate to hear this news. As a friend, I am delighted for Eric and his family. Troup County is very lucky. It will be VERY DIFFICULT to adjust to someone else in Eric’s position.

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