Cowan Road Elementary principal resigns; GSCSS alleges multiple ethical violations were substantiated


Griffin-Spalding County School System (GSCSS) has accepted the resignation of Aleshia McCray as principal of Cowan Road Elementary School.

Hoby Davenport will on Monday, Oct. 30, assume the position of interim principal while the search for McCrary’s replacement is conducted.

McCray was placed on leave Oct. 5, 2017, pending the outcome of a formal investigation that was conducted by the school system.

GSCSS on Friday announced the investigation has concluded, and alleges several violations were substantiated.

McCray allegedly falsified several documents related to the use of Title I funds, which officials say resulted in GSCSS Federal Programs having to write a corrective action plan. Due to this alleged fraudulent misuse of Title I funds, GSCSS must repay the funds as mandated by the Georgia Department of Education. There is no evidence that McCray misappropriated funds for her own use.

McCray allegedly was insubordinate by not following directives given to her by her previous supervisor and the superintendent.

McCray allegedly allowed classified employees to work off the clock. Officials say this violation required the GSCSS Human Resources Department to reconcile the employee hours and pay them for time worked according to the Fair Labor Standards Act.

McCray allegedly violated three professionalism standards under the Professional Standards Commission’s Code of Ethics:


Public Funds and Property

Professional Conduct

A statement released by school system administration reads in part, “Griffin-Spalding County School System takes this matter very seriously and does not tolerate any violation of the Georgia Professional Standards for educators, nor this type of behavior from any employee. In fact, the district expects high professional standards for every employee, especially school level administrators.

To ensure that the instructional team at Cowan Road Elementary remains dedicated to delivering quality instruction to students in a nurturing and positive environment, GSCS is naming Mr. Hoby Davenport as interim principal effective October 30, 2017 to allow time for the district to conduct a thorough search for a permanent principal. Mr. Davenport is a retired GSCS principal who previously served as principal at Cowan Road Elementary.

GSCS’ top priority is to ensure that we create a culture and climate conducive for educators to provide the highest level of instruction to students in a safe, secure student-centered environment. The district is committed to ensuring that all employees at Griffin-Spalding County School System feel safe, welcome and respected in their profession.”


  1. anonymous says:

    wish there was a way to reply privately…

  2. annie willingham says:

    You need to correct the date Mr. Davenport will take over as principal

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